More Good Jobs

Upcoming Book: More Good Jobs! By Martin Babinec


We hear it from politicians, the media, and just about everyone else: “We need more good jobs!"

And, yet, nobody is telling us how to create good jobs.

After successfully starting and growing a multi-billion dollar company in Silicon Valley, Martin Babinec returned to his home in Upstate New York where he then realized there were a number of forces at play in Silicon Valley — forces he hadn’t appreciated — that had helped him succeed as an entrepreneur.

Since then, he’s been on a journey to understand the importance of these forces in the creation of new businesses. He’s found a growing divergence between magnet cities — brimming with talent and new businesses — and talent exporting cities — where bright young minds leave in search of better opportunities.

Coming in Spring 2020, More Good Jobs! is the playbook for turning your community into a magnet city, helping local entrepreneurs to start and grow companies and, in doing so, creating more good jobs for everyone in our communities.


Martin Babinec founded Silicon Valley based TriNet in 1988, serving as CEO for the company’s first 20 years and Chairman until 2010. TriNet’s cloud based HR services help 16,000+ small to mid sized companies and the company has grown to annual sales of $3 billion and listing on the NYSE.

In 1999, Babinec relocated his family from Silicon Valley to his hometown of Little Falls, NY, where he founded Upstate Venture Connect (non profit dedicated to accelerating growth of startups across Upstate NY), StartFast Venture Accelerator (which invests in and helps grow a cohort of 5-8 startup companies each summer in Central New York), and UpVentures (where he makes direct investments in startup companies and serves as limited partner and advisor to a dozen venture capital and seed funds).

In 2016 Babinec founded the Upstate Jobs Party (UJP) and ran as an independent candidate in New York’s 22nd Congressional District. Advocating policies and private sector engagement to spur job growth, the race earned national recognition as the only congressional race in which an independent candidate was competitive. He continues to lead UJP on a path to earn constituted party status in NY State as a vehicle to influence political discourse in reversing regional population decline.